• BGP_1769

    Fresh therapies natural nail polish remover

    I’ve tried quite some natural nail polish removers and I’ve been keeping an eye on Fresh therapies for a while now. One of the reasons is the beautiful, elegant glass bottle that is quite unusual for a nail polish remover and secondly because it’s natural. I’ve found it in the one of my favourite shops Amazingy, that […] Read more…

  • maic4

    Revolutionary make-up idea!

    Mai Couture review I’m so thrilled about this review, because I feel it’s something revolutionary and handy! I saw it for the first time at Naturisimo online shop and became immediately curious about it. It also reminded me of how my grandmother used to tell me the way she did her makeup. They applied a flush of […] Read more…

Video tutorial

  • marienatie

    Smokey eyes with Marie Natie cosmetics

    The holiday time is approaching and the smokey eye look is one of the most wearable and desired make-up techniques. It can be done in many different ways and with different products. I present you an easy version that can be done by anyone. I have chosen shimmery colors in natural brown tonalities because they […] Read more…

  • make-up for tanned skin

    Make-up for tanned skin

    Summer is over and many of you has still got the summer tan on and so I decided to take this opportunity and show you how to “handle” your skin and make-up after summer vacations. For more information on how to treat your skin after summer vacation check this tutorial. When it comes to tanned […] Read more…

Skin care

  • luminanceskincare

    My new discovery: Luminance skincare

    It seems this is the season of many new discoveries on my blog. This time I want to introduce you in a new brand from US called Luminance skincare. I didn’t knew them before until I was contacted by them if I want to try some of their products. The website looked promising and so […] Read more…

  • argonaturals

    My new discovery: Argo naturals

    So happy to come back and present you something new! This time the new beauty comes from far away countries…In fact I was contacted from Switzerland (not so far away if I’d like to try some of their products. After checking everything, I said yes and I’m glad I did. It finished I had discovered unintentionally […] Read more…

Body care

  • goodlove

    Good clean love – St. Valentine gift idea!

    St. Valentine is almost here and it’s time to remind us about love! Not just on a physical level, although we have to care about it, too! For all of you who search a special idea for your beloved one or even for yourself and your wellbeing, here I have a proposal from Good clean […] Read more…

  • acorelle1

    Sugar waxing – part 1

    Acorelle review I wanted to write about sugar waxing since a long long time and now it seems that the time to give some opinions in my reviews has come. As you might know, sugar waxing is an ancient method of removing unwanted hairs that was used by ancient Egiptians and is traditional in oriental […] Read more…