• studio78 concealer and foundation

    Studio78 Paris and Agronauti

    The autumn is here and we are completely ready to choose new products for our almost gone   kissed-by-sun skin. I ordered the products I’m going to review for you a few months ago but I tested them thoroughly just now, after this incredibly hot summer has calmed down.   Studio78 We Revitalize Bi-Phase water foundation We all know […] Read more…

  • caudalie and lily lolo

    Summer make-up

    In my part of the world the summer is in its full potential and it’s hot, really hot out there! The need for make-up is becoming lighter and lighter, but we still need to look fresh and flawless  Recently I have been testing a very known brand of cosmetics that is very popular here in […] Read more…

Video tutorial

  • sunkissed makeup

    Make-up video tutorial: sunkissed nude look

    For all of you who want to add some bronzer on your skin during the summer I created this natural make-up look in nude tonalities. I have used a bunch of different natural brands like Alverde, Lavera, Organic wear, Neve cosmetics, Rms beauty… I was inspired by a make-up that I did on a model some time ago and […] Read more…

  • prom make-up

    Prom make-up with natural cosmetics

    Dear beauties and natural cosmetics lovers! Here I come with a new make-up tutorial done entirely with natural cosmetics for a prom dance. But you can wear it for any other similar occasion. The look I created is fresh and modern, with the emphasis on bright colours and dewy skin. This time I got the […] Read more…

Skin care

  • suti

    Suti – the glorious duo for your skin

      You have heard a lot about Suti skincare here on my blog and I wanted to add some new reviews to my existing love for this fabulous organic brand handcrafted in England. If you are interested more in details about how they distinguish from other brands, feel free to browse in my previous articles […] Read more…

  • travel beauty natural solutions

    Travel beauty solutions

    It’s full summer and between one and other trip or being just few days away, we always love to travel light. Thankfully when we need skincare products on the go and avoid all that huge bottles, there are now many nice solutions even on the green market. Here are a few choices among many that […] Read more…

Body care

  • tattoo salbe

    Tattoo salbe

    My friend introduced me this lovely cream in form of balm when  I needed some hand cream in a cold winter day. She has pulled out a nice package and what is more, I didn’t expect to find that super clean list with ingredients: Shea butter, lavender, mint and chamomile. Oh wow! And what a great […] Read more…

  • spring skincare

    Spring body care

    Hi beauties! I have some new products to introduce you that I started to use recently and that I want to talk about. I was looking for some natural products for a simple spring detox body care and pampering. Some of them just crossed my way and was curious to try them.   1. Dr. […] Read more…